At The Hour, we welcome pitches from all persons who are members of Anglican churches in communion with the See of Canterbury, who affirm the Catholic faith as found in the historic Creeds and as received in the Anglican Communion; and who affirm full participation for all Anglicans in the sacraments and Orders of Ministry of our church; as well as from people of another or no faith active in leftist communities, interested in the intersection of Christianity and politics.


The Hour is looking for submissions that openly face our ecclesial and political situation as it is, without nostalgia for supposed golden ages of time past. Generally we are not interested in broad swipes at “modernity” outside of appeals to specific genealogical accounts or historical narratives.


We are resistant to claims about the formative effect of liturgy considered simply as texts in which people discover a latent feature of the Prayer Book that just so happens to advance some kind of desirable political end for the Left. We want to see some kind of precedent for how and where such and such a “effect” of the liturgy has naturally issued forth from the Church's consciousness, or say, how it can be adapted for a program for action.  


We want for submissions to read like magazine essays rather than research papers. We do not include footnotes and hyperlinks in our current format so references should be included in the body of the text and kept to a minimum. Do not say “In this essay I will…” 


The file form should be .doc or .docx 


There is no specific length we are looking for. We would be happy to publish brief sketches of historical figures as short as 500-800 words; utopian fiction, poetry, or stories from your organizing and activism; or original pieces that are much longer. Feel free to contact us if you need help with forming a pitch. 

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